Termite Control

We at Pest Guard, LLC are experienced in termite detection and treatment and offer various ways of termite control.

Subterranean termites live under ground and are located throughout Louisiana. They cause millions of dollars in structural damage every year; more than fires, wind and floods. They are the only insect on earth capable of eating and digesting wood and cellulose materials. Infestations in buildings are usually found after damage has been done.

Pretreats for new construction:

A chemical barrier is applied to the soil before the concrete foundation Is poured. A guaranteed-renewable termite damage warranty is offered with every pretreat. This warranty covers damage that may occur from Native subterranean termites and Formosan subterranean termites. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture requires that the perimeter of the structure must be trenched and treated within twelve months of the initial treatment. This creates a barrier around the entire foundation and is included with the original treatment price and will be automatically scheduled within the required time frame.

Post Construction Termite Treatments:

Existing structures may be vulnerable to termite infestation. Sub-terranean termite colonies live deep underground and may invade one or more structures at the same time. Worker termites randomly forage for a suitable food source and once that source is found, they leave a pheromone trail back to the colony. Then the colony begins to build mud tubes along that pheromone trail. Every structure has areas where termites can gain entry such as expansion joints, bath traps, plumbing and other points of entry.

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