General Pest Management

When pests invade your home, it can be challenging to get rid of them. Call Pest Guard, LLC today and we'll get them out of your house at a competitive rate.


Residential pest control is done as a quarterly service. On the initial service we inspect areas most vulnerable to insect infestation and treat inside and outside and make recommendations how to prevent pest problems. Since most roaches, ants and other invaders enter from outside, we create a defensive barrier to avert insects from entering your home and focus on the exterior every quarter. If inside service is required, we will make an appointment for inside service as well. There is no charge for additional services for common household pest as long as insect problems still are present.


Monthly service is recommended for most commercial businesses because of the volume of traffic in and out every day. We inspect and treat areas where insects and rodents are most likely to harbor and provide recommendations how to prevent infestations by sanitation, storage and other means.

I. P. M:

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is an important process used by pest management professionals for solving pest problems. Chemical treatment is not always the only way or the best way to treat a pest problem.

IPM involves steps:

  1. Inspection to determine where pest are most likely to harbor.
  2. Identification of pest found to determine needed actions.
  3. Recommendations of non-chemical methods including exclusion, sanitation or structural alteration.
  4. Chemical application using the proper materials at precise amounts to be most effective with the least exposure to people and the environment.
  5. Monitoring after treatment to obtain maximum results with total elimination as the primary goal.
  6. Communication with the customer regarding IPM program results.
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